Sunday, July 18, 2010

No, I won't complain about the heat

It has been unbearably hot around here (as referenced by the hubby's latest post), and I feel like I really should be doing more - more crafting, more exercising, more cooking in my new kitchen, just more! I read several blogs regularly, but I'm thinking of 2 in particular that are inspiring me at the moment, one is Chez Larrson and the other is Now Norma Knits

What is inspiring me is the fact that these women both do it every day - Chez Larrson has been doing a picture of the day, along with her amazing home renovations and organizational ideas for 196 days now and Norma has been blogging for over a year, every day, about life, her terrier, her garden, etc. I think what really brought me to Norma was originally the knitting thing, but what has kept me there is her style, her wit and the fact that she is named Norma and she is from Vermont (my Vermont Grammie was also called Norma and I think of her every time I read her blog.)

So, where does this take me? First, wishing I had started this back before May 3, 2010 - the day our kitchen renovation project started. Second, I want to do something every day, using my brain, not just for work. It's funny, when I read the hubby's post, it made me realize that I am also in a slump - I want to do STUFF - whether it is knitting, spinning, Zentangles, scrapbooking, stamping, cooking, going for walks on the beach at the end of my street (I know - why don't I???), going to the gym I pay for, etc. and not just sit on the couch and watch stupid TV. (Don't get me wrong, I love me my TV, and oh, and hooray for True Blood being back!)

I need to finish some projects, not live in the world of UFOs (for the uninitiated, that is Un-Finished Objects, not the the outer-space stuff I love to listen to radio shows about) and one of those UFOs it definitely me!  To do this, we (and I do say we) need to stop watching so much darn TV, get out there and move more and get into my craft room more.

Well, my first photo for doing more is this: 


See you tomorrow!

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