Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Doing the Stick thing

And I'm not talking about knitting. Our old faithful 1999 Plymouth Neon Expresso that I so love to drive has decided that it needs more work than we're willing to put into it for a commuter car that gets 22-25 mpg. I love the way it handles, it's fun and cute (although as the hubby says "Instead of that happy look the Neon is famous for, it had a permanent frowny face.") So we are now looking into something I had never considered before (as I am more focused on fiber and paper than cars) - a VW TDi - yes, Diesel - Jetta or a Golf - depends upon what our guy has in stock and we like.

The one concern is whether to get an automatic or stick - I have never driven a stick, but after watching this I think I might be able to handle it. Hubby couldn't get through it, but I like the "open and close the door" concept of the clutch (oh, and not being a Bush fan it gave me a few giggles too).

We'll see what happens - and what we end up with.

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She sure is strange! said...

Sticks are SO fun!!! I learned on one that wasn't so fun but soon graduated to a subaru and then a honda accord hatchback. I loved my sticks and even taught my hubby to drive one, and at least two friends as well. Practice, practice and more practice, especially on hills. It will be second nature in no time!