Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Day 4 and the Tree is Still UP

Ah, love that water bottle - now I only have to reach toward it and Oliver runs! And the tree remains up. My hat that I had cast on with my yummy handspun Monday night at our SnB, however, does not remain. Gauge? What's that? This would have been HUGE on me - and yes, it will be for ME! It was tough ripping out the 4 inches I had reached on the train last night. Oh well... it should wait until after Christmas knitting is finished anyway!

Plan for Saturday AM (before the snow comes) - having the new radio installed in the Neon - at least I was able to turn it down last night! I love doing these types of things at the mall with the movie theater... I think it will be The Golden Compass when I am waiting. I miss going to the movies by myself!

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