Thursday, December 20, 2007

5 Days Left? REALLY?

It's funny, sometimes I have years when I do not set foot in a mall during the Christmas shopping season... and this was one of them. I'm really much more relaxed because of it I'm sure. I did go to some stores, some restaurants and I did LOTS of online shopping. Only 2 more packages to arrive (not sure if my UPS/DHL/FedEx guys are loving us at them moment, but hey, it's job security!) from Lands End and Amazon. I'm afraid to see how much I actually spent on Amazon this year - we definitely got our money's worth out of that Prime membership.

I also finally tied the tree to the door right behind it and no tipped tree since (fingers crossed that it is still that way after work tonight!) Knitted gifts? I have a few, and one still on the needles (not sure if that one will be finished, but with a few hours of concentration, I'm sure it can get done.) And next week I'll even have some pictures!

Vacation starts in approximately 32 hours and 15 minutes... not that I'm counting!

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