Sunday, October 29, 2006

Franklin County Fiber Twist

Funny how life takes you to places - we were invited to a Halloween party in Greenfield, MA yesterday - and somehow I happened across the information for this week. Unfortunately, the weather was horrible - nasty rain and driving winds durning the 2 hour drive out west, but eventually we found the Marketplace (we gave up on visiting any farms - way to yucky out there for that!), finally, after seeing the HUGE Yankee Candle main location, and getting all the way to Whately, MA - with only 40 minutes left for them to be selling!

I made a quick run around - not planning on buying too much - although one of the things I had to get was a new sheepskin for the kitties. Morticia, Molly and Oliver love it, Mugsy is a bit skeptical - he never did like having anything "weird" under his feet. It was the last thing that I bought (however, it was the first thing that I saw) and the price was right. I will say, I don't know if I want to share it with them! It is so thick and lovely - a nice white Romney - and it is in all of the pictures below:

First, two dyed Romney's from Whispering Pines Farm (will someone please tell me what to do with these - do I need to card them, or do I just start spinning?) She gave me both for $11 - total of about 13 oz - I think they will look great together - plied, not plied - striped in the knit, not sure yet, but I liked the colors!

Mugsy may not like stepping on it, but he has to check it out!

Then, I found some great Icelandic from Jager Farm Icelandics ( that I think would go really well with some Icelandic that was gifted to me (and I really, really liked spinning):

Some really nice dyed Border Leicester from (looks like the website is under construction, but the colors are WONDERFUL!)

And, finally the last purchase of the day - was 8 oz of Romney Ewe white roving - this is so beautiful and soft - I can't wait to play with it. It was from the same seller as the sheepskin - Barberic Farm from Shelburne, MA:

The one thing I didn't get was the light blue alpaca from
because it was the end of the day and her stall was packed. They do sell via and I'm sure that I'll be headed there soon - it was lovely!

Breakfast time... then a quick trip up to to finish up the Mass-ive Journey and get into the drawing (which I am planning on winning, of course) and then it's back home to make a felted holder for DH's new MP3 player... how many tries will that take?

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bryghtrose said...

I barely made it on my errands Satuday- no way was I going to drive out west in that weather. You're a braver woman than I :)
Lovely, lovely fiber. I love the stuff from Sojourner. The romney -- you definitely have to do some prep. It probably needs to be at least carded. I can't tell by looking at it if it needs to be washed. Why not take a bit down to Lucy and ask for her opinion?