Thursday, October 19, 2006

Ahh... I'm starting to get it!

There are some things that you really should have a little guidance with before you try... one thing is a niddy noddy... cause if you do it wrong this is what your first yarn comes out looking like (kind of cake-like, isn't it?):

But then you start to get the hang of things:
first, there is the fiber:

Then, after a while you get two bobbins that look like this (oh, so THAT'S what a Lazy Kate is for!):

Oo-la-la - hey, if you watch a video online, you see just how to use that niddy noddy (duh!):

And finally, guess what - I have a skein!!!


Lucy said...

Beautiful yarn!! Excellent work! You should come crash spinning group some night. I'd love to try your wheel. I've never spun a Kromsky though I've toyed with the idea of carrying them.

bryghtrose said...

Lovely yarn! I've got to get a real lazy kate. Maybe this weekend. The red stuff is gorgeous.