Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Happy Halloween

So, I get home early to be here for the multitude of kids who will be trick or treating down our very busy street and procede to trip over some yarn... which I will admit that I had left on my desk -with no wrapper - next to a really nice ball of Pot Luck Wool. My cats must know that it's Halloween because I decided to gather up the rather inexpensive BRIGHT ORANGE Sugar and Cream and it takes me from the living room, into the dining room around the table and back out the other side, then up the stairs, into the guest room, over the bed and then into the bathroom in a big old mess!

Here you see the remainder of this mess, along with a rather guilty looking Ms. Molly:

OK, as of 5:42 we've already had 15 munchkins - they started at 5:25 and I swear this year I am going to make an accurate census. The other thing I think I'll do, just like http://knitandtonic.typepad.com/knitandtonic/ said today... I'm shutting off the lights at 8:00 - you really don't get anything but older kids at that point.

Count update: 7:11 and so far 89 kids! I feel bad, there was a little girl in a pink flying unicorn costume and I thought she was a flying pig... hope I didn't traumatize her for life!

Next: 8:10 pm - 133 kids (OK, most of them were kids)... almost time to shut off the lights. I'll give it 5 more minutes.

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