Thursday, January 21, 2010

Vacation Planning 2010

Coming back to work from vacation is never easy - and this time is no exception. Fortunately, only 186 e-mails and 5 voicemails (so many less voicemails at work than the ones we received from the senatorial race here in MA, even in the last day). One of my goals for this year is to do what one of my colleagues has been suggesting to me for years - plan out all of my vacations at the beginning of the year so I actually TAKE the 4 weeks I accrue each year. Well, since I didn't take one since August (no, I'm not being a martyr, just forgot to put it into the calendar - duh!), last week won't count against this year.

We have discussed where to go - Nova Scotia was on the top of the list, but CAT Ferry went out of business in December - very sad, we've been wanting to do it for and haven't gotten to it yet. Hopefully someone will reopen it. It would be about 11 hours from home if we were to drive to Halifax all of the way.

Other options - Savannah, GA & Charleston, SC - then again, similar travel time, and not really the place to go in the summer. Maybe we'll just find a place in Maine for a week. We always love heading to Maine (and if it's not to far from Lisbon, I can stop into my favorite indie dyer's shop Spunky Eclectic.)

So, still having 71 vacation hours as of January 15th and knowing that I'll have another 4 weeks added to that by the end of the year, it's time to start planning! I will definitely do some "vacation at home" time, but we can't wait 3 years again for another "real" vacation.

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