Saturday, January 02, 2010

Not exactly how we planned to start 2010

The plan was simple enough, just get through the first 3 days of work - Jan 4-6 and then on Jan 7, 2010 head to Ireland for a trip we've been talking about for years - the hubby has been saying since we went there in 2006 that he wanted to be in Ireland for his 40th birthday - which just happens to be in January. It's funny, when you tell people you are going on vacation in January, they always seems to say "oooh! are you going somewhere warm?" Nope, looking at the weather it's about the same temperature over there as it is here these days, but we have never been beach people anyways. (Yes, that's me, the girl with the see-through skin, year round, no thanks, really don't want any more melanoma if you please.)

Well, we're still going, but plans for the kitties have changed a bit. Oliver somehow got a very serious laceration on the back of his hind leg - right on the joint - when I dropped and broke 2 of our favorite dishes on New Years Day. He was right next to me and kind of freaked out, ran up the stairs and hid under the bed for hours - not exactly something different for our high-strung boy.

Fast forward about 6 hours later - dinner has been eaten, movie has been watched, and I have just beat the hubby in Wii Sports Resort - Frisbee Golf and Pickup Basketball (this is not the usual outcome - he usually kicks my but in Wii, but I had a good night - love the Frisbee Golf!) Mark goes upstairs to find Oliver on the bed, with blood on the blanket he's sitting on. He has a serious laceration on his rear leg - right on the joint and I can see cartilage, or bone or whatever that white stuff is in there. It's now 11:00 and I'm calling the vet. Snow has started coming down and we're off to the local emergency vet.

We weren't the only ones with this issue on New Year's Day - and it's first come first served. They take him in around 2:00 or so for sedation and stitching up of his big cut. Once it's all said and done, the vet comes out and tells us that he had actually nicked the sheath that covers his Achilles tendon - fortunately, it didn't cut the tendon but she did have to stitch the sheath too.

It's now 4:00 am on Jan 2 and I hand over the AMEX for the additional $$ and we head back into the snowstorm. It takes about 40 minutes to get home - but it's really surprising how many people are out driving around at that time of the morning in the snow.

Now we have him up in the spare bedroom, wearing a lovely cone for the next 12-14 days and will be boarded along with Molly during our trip. Morticia will have the whole house to herself - I think she'll love it.

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