Monday, November 10, 2008

Um, yeah... about that fast I was going to start today...

First, hooray! I love hearing about all of the meetings that our President-Elect keeps scheduling - as my hubby says, it was so nice to vote for someone and not against the other guy (or for the "lesser of two evils").

Next - OMG, did I have a terrific time this weekend at The Gathering! It is the biannual conference for the Northeast Handspinners Association and I learned so much! I took three amazing classes that I'll discuss later, but I have to confess something right now... I think it was fiber fumes...

Well, last night I happened upon eBay for a moment and for the heck of it looked up Spinning Wheels - I do this every once in a while just to see what's there. God knows, I don't really need a 4th one - and I love the ones that I have. Well... there was a listing for the following:

I don't really know a whole lot about this spinning wheel.
It is a nice hard wood and seems to be in good condition and all there I have a spinning equipment glossary of parts and it does all seem to be here.
I can not find any marking on it
It comes with 2 hand cards and 4 books
Golden Press Step by step Spinning and dyeing by Eunice Svinicki
Hand spinning Art Technique by Allen Fannin
Spinning your own Yarn by American Wool Council
Spinning Wool Dryad Leaflet 83

Will arrange for local pickup only (no shipping). Location: Melrose, MA

Now, if the package had not said that last part about local pick up only and had Melrose, MA not been within 10 miles of my house... and at that time the whole package not been listed for only $105, um, yeah, well... I put in a bid... a whole $112.63 (I've always bid weird prices like that) and at the end of my lunch break I received an e-mail that I had won it. OH MY! Now what do I do? Maybe my friend Laurie might learn to spin after all!

So, now, today, November 10, 2008 starting at 2:00 pm, I am officially starting a 6 month "purchasing fast" with only 2 exceptions:

1. The Spunky Fiber Club - this is automatic and very affordable
2. Accessories only that are needed to finish a project (ie. buttons for a sweater, envelopes for my Christmas cards...)

But that's it. And now that I've put it in writing, I'm sticking to it! I, like everyone I know, have WAY too much stuff to play with. Sorry all you vendors out there that I love so much, you'll have to wait see me in May 2009.

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