Friday, May 09, 2008


Well, I really thought that I'd blog during vacation - after my last post it just didn't happen. It was a terrific week - even with the not-so-terrific weather. I washed my first 2 fleece (had to get them done before I head up to NHS&W again this weekend since that's where I bought them!) Just one picture - some of the Merino drying in the dryer (it never would have dried last week - just way too humid/wet!)
I washed a merino!

The Cotswold, well, it got a little felty... oh well... it was only $7 after all. I might end up using it as stuffing for something (cat bed maybe?). Live and learn!

There were lunches, breakfasts and take-out dinners, an amazing Eddie Izzard show at the Orpheum - I'd go see him again in a heartbeat! And of course, GTA4 arrived on Wednesday afternoon, so my leaving the house was A-OK with the instantly-addicted hubby, however, I went out so much during the first part of the week that I just hung around and worked on Sprout all weekend (I don't know if he even noticed I was there!)

Tomorrow night is the long-awaited AltCom Fesitval at the Somerville Theater - we're just going one night, and we're really looking forward to seeing Patton Oswalt. The only problem is that this is the last of our tickets for anything... now we have to figure out who to go see next! Why isn't Ricky Gervais coming to Boston?

Finally, there is this food-blog collecting site... Tastespotting that I can't stop looking at - and today I found something I just HAVE to make on it... Strawberry Balsamic Cupcakes. Oh, yeah, and I've been back to work all week - but at least it's Friday. And the MegaMillions is $145 Million. Can we win please?

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Seasidecrafter said...

Don't forget I want the review on the Strawberry cupcakes!