Monday, April 28, 2008

What a weekend!

It all started Friday night - Tracy, Angela and I headed to The Hardcover and started off with some yummy apps and a Pomegranite Martini (again - so delish!) We were there for about 4 1/2 hours and I had more meat - in fact it was a nice little sirloin with shrimp scampi. I had had Prime Rib on Wednesday night with René - it was so buttery and great at Victoria Station I didn't want to compete. (we did have a nice dinner, although it was a little creepy going back to the place that put me through college after so many years - and it has barely changed.)

Saturday was a sleep-late-OMG-my-vacation-has-started morning and I didn't get to the Gore Place Sheepshearing Festival until about 2:15, but it was a beautiful day and a good time.

First, I had to check out some cows and sheep -
Big Moo

Southdowns were cool:
Southdown InfoLil Southdown Mini FaceSouthdown MiniaturesBig Southdown

And there was of course, shearing, however, my timing wasn't great (and for some reason little kids don't seem to understand that big kids want to see too!)
We're Half Done

And then there was the shopping - I visited Lucy at Mind's Eye Yarns and picked up the most perfect new bag for my Hitchhiker (this was not the planned use, but if the bag fits...)
New Bag for the Little Green Monster

I got some great new pottery (I now have a coffee cup like the hubby - and I love mine too!) Also, a new casserole - I just had to have it!
New Coffee MugNew Casserole

One of my favorite stops was to the Traveling Rhinos booth - Eling has a great eye for color and convinced me (she really twisted my arm hard!) to try out some of her batts.
Traveling Rhinos Blaze BattsTraveling Rhinos Batt #1247Traveling Rhinos Campground BattsTraveling Rhinos - what a color fiesta!

It was a nice day, however, it would have been much more fun with some friends (young or old) along for the ride.

Sunday was for the YARN HARLOT!!!

Well, what can I say - WEBS was overwhelming (and everything I picked up was 25% off!) and the Harlot was amazing as usual! She never ceases to amuse me. In fact, I was so amused that I bit the hell out of my tongue during her presentation. Luckily, it stopped bleeding by the time we go back for signings and pictures!
2008 Yarn Harlot Signing Stephanie Rocks!!!

It was fun to meet new folks - Casey and Michele - Ravelry is an amazing place to be!

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