Thursday, June 14, 2007

'Vog On - just a few times!

For some reason I just can't finish my Marblehead Handdyed socks... you know, the very multicolored ones that have been haunting me. I'm halfway up the foot (toe-up) on #2 and just can't seem to get it together. So... the new came out and I got hooked by 'Vog On - and as I keep saying, mine will be called Doc On since I don't own a single pair of John Fluevogs, but I think I own at least 8 pairs of Doc Martens... and I have the perfect pair to wear them with. The problem was getting started. I tried the AquaMelon Vesper (super cute, but realized that I don't wan a striping yarn for this), then I tried Lucy's ( Club yarn from March but that didn't quite do it either. What did finally do it for these was the Skinny Sock in a very cool green/brown colorway from - I am truly a Spunkie Junkie! And after casting it on for the 5th time, it finally happened:

Yeah! I do have a few more rounds done - the picot edge was a new thing for me. What a great, easy starter sock lace pattern. I'm happy so far. Now I just have to decide just how long I want the cuff (yes, I am doing a cuff-down sock - there is a toe-up version too, but I had to give it a try)... and then move onto the heel.

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