Saturday, June 02, 2007

Flowers... inside

As promised, here is the picture of the "mystery flower" - the leaves are very thick and waxy too.

And more orchid updates (including the other one - yeah!):

Lots of spinning going on today - colonial top is just TOO easy to spin! I did work on my alpaca that we split at New Hampshire Sheep & Wool a few weeks ago - doing it on my new Golding Spindle... I might just do the whole thing that way. Am I insane?


Cheryl in VA said...

I just happened across your blog, as I am an SP10 participant and go cruising every so often.

I can tell you that the plant from your first pic is actually called a Wax Plant. Usually once they start flowering they will flower at the same spot over and over. They grow hog wild sometimes and other times they go months with out doing a thing.


Jen said...

I also came through SP10. I know nothing about flowers, but I can tell you those are so pretty!

Have a good weekend!