Tuesday, May 29, 2007

What a weekend...

Lots and lots of knitting, driving and some shopping... the best thing is that I have finally finished the back of my "Perfect Sweater" and have cast on the front. It was so nice to get that part done.

I did take some pictures of my orchid - there are lots of blooms on it now - I think it's 5! and my other one is getting ready to pop open in month now too. I love it! I also have blossoms on my mystery plant - I'll post those later to see if anyone has a clue as to what the heck this plant it. It was a cutting that I had taken from my sister-in-law's plant years and years ago and it blooms frequently - just something I have never seen before.

Speaking of my SIL, they have started framing their new house (remember the one that got blown in during the Danvers explosion?) I'll try to get by this weekend to take a few pictures of the progress to post. It is weird when you go down there - they have taken down more houses than we had expected them to - and you feel like a voyeur. I was talking to Laurie yesterday and we agree - we miss the Danversport Bakery's birthday cake (not that we don't agree on things all of the time!) Hopefully they'll be back in business one of these days. Right now the sign is still up, but there is no building - only the slab of a foundation left.

Pics later. I promise!

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