Friday, April 20, 2007

Just a quickie this AM

Oh man, when you are really concentrating and trying to be an active listener on the phone at the same time you are jogging a messy pile of papers and the fire alarm goes off and the "blast doors" go down, what happens? You scream really loud. OOPS! I really didn't mean to - honestly, my ears still hurt (as do the person's on the other end of the phone)... but I digress...

I got home last night to receive this great package from my SP10 Spoiler:

Handspun, Trekking, yummy soap and sugar free chocolate, a great little MK nail kit, and some stitch markers made by my pal... terrific! I am pretty excited to give the Trekking a try - with all of the sock yarn I have I don't have any of that yet! The coffee was tasty this morning too!
Well, the sun has finally rejoined us and the little goldfinch is in my kitchen. Time to get back to work... no more screaming today!

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