Sunday, February 25, 2007


Warning - picture-heavy post!

A few updates of some recent projects:

1. The Yarn Harlot One Row Handspun Scarf - what I chose for my yummy Glad Tidings yarn from

2. Yarn I picked up for the Perfect Sweater - when you can get Skye Tweed at 40% off, you jump!

3. Some of the things I spent yesterday doing:

4. Last night I finished spinning the yummy Vineyard fiber I bought from last weekend at SPA - along with the cutest bag, a Tom Foolery Spindle (which I used to spin the whole 4 oz. and then Andean Ply!), some Chocolate Cherries Fiber... what else? Oh, silk... hot pink silk. Not quite ready to give it a try yet, but I will... in the mean time I'll just keep feeling it... so so soft! Really, all I wanted to do at SPA was to shop w/ Amy King, sit in the hot tub and learn how to Andean Ply. And I did it all!

Next time... WIPs. But I want to leave you with Oliver... isn't he the cutest?

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