Saturday, November 18, 2006

Knitting? Oh, yeah...

Here are some things I have recently finished:

FINALLY - my Stormy Socks that I started back at the race track in September - finished them on the plane to Ireland. Also, I had picked up a skein of Manos Wildflowers as soon as I ordered my olive rain jacket - scarf was finished in Killarney - good thing too, I needed it up on the Cliffs!

And my first knit from one of my handspuns! YEAH - it was a great feeling to get this done. Multidirectional Lime & Violet Scarf - not the best picture, but here it is. Still don't know if I'll block it or not:

Couple of non-knitting things - Saturday Sky (see, I do live in the city!) - so nice to see that bright round thing up there again!

And for dinner - in the crock pot - Guiness Beef Stew:

Off to later today for my SIL's open studios - should be a good time.

1 comment:

bryghtrose said...

The lime & violet scarf looks great. Wearing your own handspun is a wonderful feeling.

The beef stew looks so yummy.