Sunday, July 30, 2006

Happy Birthday Patty!

Well, it's finished - here is Patty's birthday present, just needs to be wrapped up. Hope she likes it. Yes, the Pocket Fuzz is from her bro - too cute!

And, of course, my "Jealousy Booga Bag" is finished too - thanks to Laurie who did the surgery to it to put the handles through! Next time I promise to have the guts to do it myself!!!

Another little project I'm working on is the with hand dyed cotton from Lucy at - my hope is to finish it before the end of the summer (which, luckily in New England isn't until the end of September or so!)

Lastly, for today at least... a few little felted boxes that I did (while avoiding the sweater...) everyone with 4 kitties need a place to put their grooming tools!

That's all for now - time to go deliver the gift and then work on... hmmm... not sure yet!

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