Wednesday, June 28, 2006

FInally - see, I have been busy!

So, I have been busy knitting and not blogging lately - I finished the 3 dishrags for my friend at work (the colors on my camera are so dark - definitly need to replace it soon!):

And another "sophie with a flap" that's ready to go into the land of felt-ness (yes, another gift!):

And my first MDK bib - which, of course, I couldn't just do like they say - had to do the stripy thing here:

The last thing is what I cast on last night, have a few ideas - I loved this new Galway yarn (same as the pink bag above, but this is blue & purple - cause you know a girl needs all colors!). I think I know what I'm doing... pattern free:

So the big plan is to take my Mind's Eye Yarns virgin friend there after work tomorrow night - not sure what we'll buy, but I'm sure that Lucy will have something new and exciting... especially after her dyeing event this week!

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Lucy said...

Look at all those Finished Objects! Great work! I'll look forward to see you!