Friday, January 28, 2011

For today: It's Friday around here

Sometimes as I read other blogs I come across ideas that I really like - and I think this one is a keeper. It's from

OUTSIDE MY WINDOW ... snow, snow and more snow

I AM THINKING ... will the snowbanks ever go away

I AM LEARNING ... that I really work better when I have a to do list

I AM THANKFUL FOR ... the fact that Mark is able to provide for us while I am unemployed

FROM THE KITCHEN ... wondering what I will make with my big haul from the Hong Kong Supermarket

I AM WEARING ... tan cords, a Bruins t-shirt, a pair of Solmate socks and a fleece jacket.

I AM GOING ... go to a Thai cooking class at Eurostoves in Beverly with my friend Tracy tonight.

I AM READING ... American Gods by Neil Gaiman. It takes me so long to read books these days because I only try to read them in bed – that doesn’t work for me since I fall asleep when I read in bed after about 2 pages.

I AM CREATING ... a to do list!

I AM HOPING ... that Molly’s surgery goes well next week and that her cancer doesn’t spread.

I AM HEARING ... the hum of my computer and the wood stove fan from the other room.

AROUND THE HOUSE ... laundry is going in the basement, fish’s water got changed out yesterday so he’s happy, kitties are enjoying some Trader Joe’s Tuna for Cats and the hubby is working from home in the living room.

ONE OF MY FAVORITE THINGS ... making time in my day to get some Zentangling in.

A FEW PLANS FOR THE REST OF THE WEEK ... since I’m doing this on Friday, there isn’t much left of the week, but I plan to journal, read some more and figure out what wonderful dish I can mix up for dinner tomorrow night – after the Thai cooking class this evening, of course!

Just too much snow. At least this picture is the nice, pristine, white stuff, not the nasty side of the road gray and dirty. And yes, that is the back end of my Volvo sneaking out from behind the snowbank.

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