Friday, October 17, 2008

What will I do NEXT Wednesday?

Last week we made a whirlwind 27 hour tour to NYC and the Martha Stewart Show and this week I got to see the Yarn Harlot for the 3rd time!

Martha was so much fun - we left Salem, MA around 6:00 pm, got to the hotel in CT around 10:30 (gotta love that Connecticut traffic!) and were up again starting at 4:15 AM to get to Stamford and the train into Grand Central. Every time I go to Grand Central Station I think I fall in love with it again - honestly, there is nothing like it! The food, the people, the ceiling (always my favorite part!)

When we were outside of the studios on 26th Street, Angela and I were overtaken by Joey Kola:

Joey, Angela & Amy

So we got into the show and it was really cool - it was a live show so everything was on hyperdrive and the huge staff was flying around the floor - moving things and people. I was so happy that we were on the Everyday Food show - since I'm such a Sirius radio geek and love to listen to the cooking shows all day long! What did I do before satelite radio?

Martha and the Everday Food ladies

When the show was over, Joey said that there were a few tickets available for the 2:00 pm taping - and we were lucky enough to get our hands on 2 tickets and 2 standbys! All 4 of us (Tracy - great job getting the tickets!, Angela, Keli and I) all got in and I'll just say that a taped show is a very different vibe than the live one. The most fun part was getting to see Francesca and Sharkey - Martha's 2 French Bulldogs. I think that the show is airing today...

Well, time to get back to work - more on the Harlot later - she was as brilliant as ever!

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