Monday, September 01, 2008

I've been a Wii bit busy...

I have been busy this summer... lots of spinning (and not so much knitting going on)
and I have a great basket full of yarn to play with:

Basket full of Handspun

And since my friend Paula had leant me her drum carder (after being totally inspired by the Color Blending for Spinners class at the Fiber Revival) to play with I had this:

Basket full of Batts

However, not much is left of that (and I will totally card up some more of the blue fiber and white alpaca - not sure what it'll be for, but I LOVE the finished product!) I took it up to Beverly Farms with me last Saturday to show a very nice young lady how to spin. It was a beautiful afternoon and we had so much fun!

But what has taken up so much of my free time in the last week has been a little present that my hubby bought for me - a Nitendo Wii! I love it! (And much to his surprise, so does he!) Lots of Wii Sports going on here - and some Super Mario Party 8 too. Waiting for the delivery of Mario Kart and my Wii Fit and I think we'll be all set for a while. What a great gift - he's always thinking that guy - and electronics are his favorite presents.

Well, off to enjoy the rest of this beautiful Labor Day afternoon - I really want to finish spinning up the Yak/Merino/Icelandic to make a Logan River Wrap. I'm just hoping I end up with enough yarn. And then I'm sure there will be more Wii'in' this afternoon!

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