Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Vacation Day 2 or It's Sprouting Again

Ah, day 2 - and after much playing around, putting it off and having to show Laurie everything in my stash (OK, not everything, but we did find a suitable gift for a certain young lady who will be receiving her Girl Scouts Gold Award this week) she got me to get behind the wheel of the Jetta - not until we got up to the Home Depot parking lot (nice place to learn - they have a split lot) - and I think I like it. It really helps to have a terrific, calm driving instructor who will be merciless when it comes to making you start on a hill - over and over and over again! I'm not quite ready to go out on my own yet (soon though, I will do it!)

My other goal (in addition to finally driving our new car) has been switched - I think it is because it was so wet and cool so far this week - currently up to 74F in the dyslectic 90210 (aka - 01902 - other coast) - I have pulled out the Sprout and finished sleeve #1 -

Look I have Sprout sleeve

now just sleeve #2, 2 button bands (and learning how to do button holes) and finally sewing on the buttons and it'll be done... hopefully by Saturday so I can bring it with me to the Fiber Revival and show it to the pattern author herself. A girl's gotta have goals you know...

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