Thursday, March 13, 2008

that was unexpected!

I actually got into the Scout's Swag Club for 3 months! YEAH! I can't wait to get my first package!!! When she announced that they were overwhelmed with people trying to get in, I just figured it would be like the Massachusetts Lottery where I don't win anything. (ooo - $59 million tomorrow night, gotta get some tickets...)

Scout's Swag

We also got our first 1/2 cord of wood delivered last night - and now we know why people pay to have it stacked! It looks cool all piled up and neat (yes, the hubby did that - and it's as fastidiusly stacked as I would expect it to be). And we got the blower to come on. We will have to work on our fire-starting skills (OK, I will have to start with removing the ash first!)

Knitting has been happening, as has spinning - on my new Little Green Monster. However, the pictures of it, along with the nice stacked wood are still on the camera. I'll have pictures for sure next week since I'm headed to the Flower Show on Sunday with the SILs. Always a nice, and inspiring time!


Anonymous said...

you do realize that it's not just mass in that lottery right?

Amy O' said...

OK, fine... it's MegaMillions on Friday - I have a feeling I know who anonymous is!