Monday, March 24, 2008

Ah, thank you MBTA for the notification system

It seems that the Saugus River Drawbridge is just having all kinds of problems today - luckily the notification came early enough for the hubby and I to drive into work today - especially because the seventh e-mail stated:

Newbury/Rock - Train #124 (2:00pm inbound) is experiencing over a 90 minute delay due to an earlier problem with the drawbridge in Saugus. Train #176 (2:48pm inbound) will also experience a delay of 10-15 minutes. Please allow extra time for your commute. 3/24/2008 2:44 PM

My thought is that this can only make people more aware of the ineffiencies of the Commuter Rail and the T - I only wish they would reimburse us the $3.00 for the Sumner Tunnel and the $14.00 parking that we pay when we drive in due to something like this.

Oh well, it's off to knitting night at Panera with my finished Coronet in my lovely handspun - and on to swatching for my Sprout - I'm making the one with long sleeves and a long body... can't quite do the cropped thing these days. See, I do have knitting content sometimes.

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