Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Super Troopers!

During that big snowstorm yesterday not only was my train only 4 minutes late (on nice days it can be 10-12), I got to work before 8:00, but then my record-setting Orientation actually happened! We had 43 of the 50 people we were expecting actually SHOW UP! I was thrilled - and very happy that I had set up the room on Sunday (OK, so a little overtime never hurts either).

And I am very proud to say that I went to Butterfly Yarns on my way to work on Sunday (ugh!) and only purchased what I went for - no fibery goodness, just a wonderful pair of size 1 32" Addi Lace needles. How do I love thee? Oh my, these are just so perfect for sock knitting on the train - just the right length, no fear of losing a DPN, ah... and sharp... Now, I won't say that I wasn't tempted by the MadelineTosh sock yarn (mmmm... rhubarb!), but I stuck to it and didn't buy it.

Off to day 2... should have all 50 here today! Please don't ask me to memorize ALL of their names (but I do have a handle on about 1/2 of them).


Anonymous said...

you are clearly insane.

witchcityknitter said...

I am happy that most showed up! That will make life easier next week for you.
As for the sock yarn... Very good job resisting the yarn goodness! I am truely impressed! You know I probably would have bought it.

Inkwell said...

That poor, lonely yarn is sitting in the store, wondering what it did wrong to not be bought by you. Heart breaker.