Sunday, January 13, 2008

But it finally all melted out of our yard...

What? 10-14" tomorrow? OH MAN! I have been gearing up for a huge Orientation for January 14th & 15th, my count at the moment is 50 people... and now the forcast is for very poor visability during rush hour in the morning and snow through the end of the day. What's a girl to do?

Sad thing happened on Friday, Emmy, my Dad's kitty succumbed to renal failure. It really made me think about Mugsy & Morticia who were the same age as her - they'll be 14 this year.

Knitting news - still working on the Noro Sock #1

Noro Sock #1

Using the Yarn Harlot Basic Sock recipe - not counting anything (OK, so I did count how many stitches I picked up on the gusset, but still...) or following a "real" pattern - want to see if I can do this. One thing that I can do is stand on the train and knit... I figured that out last week.

Off to Cambridge to set up the room for the 50 folks tomorrow... hopefully some of them will make it!


witchcityknitter said...

Wow! Work on Sunday? Ackkkkkk! Hopefully everyone will be able to get in ok. I guess we are gonna get wholloped!

Mary Ellen said...

Standing up and knitting on the T is one thing I haven't mastered yet... is the Noro sock yarn nice? I haven't tried it yet.