Saturday, November 17, 2007


Well... it has now been a week and we're still very happy about our descision to take the house off of the market. Truly, the market is the pits right now and our house is really worth more than we'd ever get for it (and in 5 months we did not get a single offer.) What a relief! Commuting by train is just really making a difference - I'm even finishing projects. Which leads me to my next one - my Goblin Eyes Mittens. Of course you had to start out with fiber (Spunky Fiber Club October addtion) -

Spunky Eclectic Goblin Eyes

Then a little spinning, a first attempt at Navajo Plying (loved it!!!) and this is what I have to make my much needed mittens with:


Plans for today (yes, it is a beautiful Saturday and I'm staying inside, but the sun is coming through the windows) - reorganize my craft room (again!), bring some of my clutter - oh, I mean supplies - back up here and get started on my mittens. Tomorrow we are off to Joy Street Open Studios - specifically for this:

86 Joy Street, Studio #10
Somerville, MA

Saturday and Sunday

*I'll be there more on Sunday than I will on Saturday; hope to see you!

mary o'malley art

Should be a good time (will blown glass be purchased again this year from the studio down the hall? most likely!) Maybe we'll see you there!

Hey, and the nephew was on TV last night - FOX25 News was in Danvers again - you can see him right near the beginning of this broadcast - he's the boy they filmed in the window, and then right after you can see their new house. It's really looking great. Hard to believe it has already been a year since the explosion!
Fox25 News Danvers Update

Happy Saturday!

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Lucy said...

That's some lovely spinning! Happy mittens!