Tuesday, August 14, 2007

I've been a bad blogger...

Is it really August 14th already?

Still no offers on the house - day 49. Expected - the average time is 4 months (but does that include the long waiting period to close? I wonder...)

Did get to see www.yarnharlot.ca in Burlington with Vicki - it was amazing and I'd go see her again in a second! I didn't throw the undies, but I took pictures of it:


And I did get my picture with her (with my toe-up sock in Marblehead Hand-dyed no less - in case you don't know, she hates doing toe-ups, but she was gracious enough to just comment on the very bright yarn - "you won't get lost in those!"


It was a long wrinkly day and I hadn't eaten dinner yet... but worth every minute waiting in line!

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