Thursday, June 28, 2007

SP10 Final Package and Reveal

WOW! Yesterday was very long - we got home from work at 8:00 and there was this package waiting for me:

What a nice surpise!!! It has a beautiful handmade bag - lots and lots of pockets that were just filled to the brim with items! There was a few oz. of silk and Irish Linen to spin, a home-made spindle - way cool!, 3 skeins of a so, so soft alpaca-silk yarn in such nice colors (the picture doesn't do it justice!), a really fun monkey journal, a neat picture frame, some very cute earrings that look like Lemonheads Candies and some very small stitchmarkers (these didn't make it into the picture), a lamb measuring tape and more (including some cat toys that we'll save for the next house)! There was also a nice bag of Sugar-Free Andies Candies, that went directly into the freezer, since it was 96 here yesterday!

Ruth from South Dakota was my secret pal and she really did a nice job! Thanks Ruth!

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