Saturday, April 28, 2007

Admission time...

I guess that I have to admit that I need to go on a yarn and fiber diet for a little while. My SP10 hostess gave us a challenge to "flash our stash" so here you go!

"Regular" Yarn:

Sock Yarn:

Handspun Yarn (all by me, except the dark green one at the bottom):

And finally the fiber - I think that this shocked me the most:

There is a new 11 oz bag of llama in there that I picked up at the Sheepshearing Festival at Gore Place in Waltham ( It ended up being a beautiful day! I can't wait to go to another one, but I have to make decisions about how much to buy when I'm there... in the meantime, I'm off to finish some WIPs - the "big pink bag" that you haven't seen yet, but you will see the before and after pics - felted of course! And I have to finish my Marblehead Handdyed socks ASAP (OK, and my 2nd Llama Seta Karen's Sugar-Free Diabetic Walk Socks too) and then I'm all over the AWESOME Vesper Aquamelon sock yarn that I received today from Jackie - amazing!!! Thanks so much! I think that's a bit of inspiration.

We'll see how we do on a yarn diet for a little while. Does sock yarn really not count?

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Gwen said...

My yarn diet just made me buy more and more yarn...I've given it up and hope that helps.