Monday, March 19, 2007

What, no pics again?

Sorry, but I don't have my pictures with me... but I do have a link to the very cool new socks that I am knitting. I really needed something that was not all stockinette...

Very cool - and I am doing them in a super-soft Queensland Llama Seta - 20% Silk, 80% Alpaca - that happened to be 40% off at A Yarn Over Marblehead yesterday. It was the perfect choice for my first cable pattern. I can't wait to keep going on it again tonight at our SnB (maybe I'll sneak a little in at lunch too.)

I will say, that if you have to take a sick day or two that also lead into a big snowstorm, it's great to have your friend's Veronica Mars Season One available for viewing... it just about got me through the weekend! I did, however, also get some spinning done - I spun up the Chocolate Cherries from that I bought at SPA. I love Amy's colors - they are really fun. Now I just have to figure out what to do with it - it's about 150 yards of double-plyed yumminess. Pics to come later, I promise!

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