Saturday, March 24, 2007

And now, some WIPs...

First, let's start out with some new handspun - - yum! This was another one of the rovings that I picked up at SPA:

Chocolate Cherries - ~150 yards 2 ply, fluffy goodness, still thinking about what to do with it (recommendations are welcome!):

Next, Lucy at seemed to have so much fun dying this sock yarn for her club... and it's just striping up beautifully, however, I will probably rip it and start over w/ another (ie. more than just stockenette) pattern:

And from A Yarn Over Marblehead - I love this colorway - totally different:

And finally, I am working on something other than socks - I have about 13" done on the back of my Perfect Sweater - yum, Skye Tweed looks just so cool!

And I'll leave you with what has been keeping us busy lately (and yes, I do kick butt in this game!) You gotta love ebay...


bryghtrose said...

Love the handspun and the socks.

Madge from knitty is a good pattern for small amounts of handspun.

Anonymous said...

Oh, chocolate cherries looks wonderful! And you sockies are great too, love the colors.