Thursday, January 18, 2007

Busy Thursday at Home

Ah, I love having to take a day off to have work done on the house and be forced to stay here all day. Unfortunately, the work (having Verizon FIOS installed for cable & internet) wasn't completed. Something about putting the cart before the horse - you can't quite finish the job if the line isn't run to your house. Oh well, sometime between 8-5 this Saturday our DSL will turn into Broadband and our cable will go down about $30/month. This is some of the stuff they did:

So, here is some of the stuff I did today:

I had joined a Circle Journal last year and the have piled up a bit in my room... this is the first one - theme was Vegetables/Healthy Eating from a woman in Nebraska.

Next, one that I was really looking forward to - the theme is Shoreline. What I really liked about it was that I ran down to the end of our street and took pictures - which I never do! Here is my "Thursday Afternoon Sky" pictures - they were taken at the same time from the same spot on the beach - opposite ends. The first one has the Boston Skyline (we're only about 15 miles up the coast) and the other is Swampscott.

Looks like I can't put up those pages. Oh well. I did other stuff today too - I started spinning this cool fiber from that I had picked up back in October.

I'll have more to show later - lots of things on the needles... socks, socks, more socks, a cool handspun scarf (from the yarn in my last post - can't wait until it's done!), and my first attempt at lace... but for now, I'll leave you with this fun birthday card I made for a knitting co-worker the other day... and if I could get this uploaded... oh well. I'll save it for later too!

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