Sunday, November 05, 2006

It fits!

Yeah! Still no name yet (at least I haven't heard one), but the hat fits this beautiful, perfect little girl!

What a cutie! Not even 12 hours old here but oh so sweet!

Lots doin' here - getting ready for the big trip means that you have to clean your house for 2 reasons: 1. when your friends come by to feed the cats, they won't think you're a slob (although the friends that are willing to come and feed all 4 crazy kitties know that you are one!), 2. when you come home from your trip, it's so nice to walk into a clean house! OK, so the hubby is a really great cleaner - much better than me FOR SURE! - but, I'm talking about my stuff - my room, the kitchen (where a pot of chicken and barley soup is on the stove as I type) and then that mess in the dining room... I did already start Christmas shopping - before Thanksgiving and that's a record for me in the last few years!

That leads to another thing - my WIP list - it is up to 9 at the moment, 2 things that really need to get finished by the time we leave (esp. my socks that I started at the Demo Derby in September)... then there is that skein of Manos - Wildflowers that I picked up yesterday because it will go perfectly with my new raincoat... that isn't on the needles yet. How does this happen?

The other WIP list includes all of my lovely new fiber to spin - including 8 oz of Lisa Souza Lime and Violet BFL. YUMMY! I started to spin it when I was waiting for the hubby to get ready to go to our anniversary dinner Friday night... and I want to do more now! But alas, it's time to clean. That will be my reward for the day!

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V said...

Your a Auntie! Congrats! Cute hat, and cute baby. Hope you have fun on the trip. We need to hear all about it at when you get back you know.

And did I mention your a great spinner too.