Sunday, August 27, 2006

Can I finish something, please?

Well, yesterday was a beautiful day here in MA - just gorgeous weather and a perfect day to take a friend to a bunch of places she has never seen...

Spark Crafts in Davis Square
Mind's Eye Yarns in Porter Square
A Good Yarn in Brookline Village - with a stop at Baja Betty's for an enormous super-yummy burrito
And finally, she took me to Butterfly Yarns in Wakefield where I had never been

No knitting to be had, but I did pick up a drop spindle and some wool at Mind's Eye, a couple of really cool tab books at Sparks, some black & red Bazic Wool (no, not Bazzill paper, we're talking yarn here) for a cap to be started once this is finished (Morticia is helping me hold this to show you):

It's a scarf-to-be for Mom - trying to finish it before this weekend so I can give it to her for her birthday.

Next - I think I'm almost finished with the "never ending daffodil sock" - and yes, this is only the first one! But, it is, afterall, my first-ever sock...

I love Lucy's hand dyes - once my Daffodil Socks are done, I'll be immediately casting on a lovely rose yarn that she put into my hand the other day when I walked into the shop - what a beauty (and I wish that I could show it to you, but Blogger just won't let me upload the pic)! I was just happy to be able to buy SOMETHING from her since the Yarn Harlot keeps mentioning her on her blog and wiping her out! Oh, speaking of the shop - I did meet Wanda - what a sweetie - and yes, she is all head!


Lucy said...

Wow! Four yarn shops in one day. I think that constitutes a yarn crawl. Nice going! Wanda says hi and thanks for the mentions too. You're in line for a Shameless Promotion Department shirt when I get them reprinted.

V said...


How's the scarf coming? Did you finish it? Looking forward to thursday!