Sunday, June 04, 2006

Is it time for me to enter this world?

Well, I guess it's time for me to join along in the fun. I read and read and read - and then I knit and stamp and cut paper. I have been stamping for 3 years this month (thanks to a friend who gave me one set of SU stamps and then I just "had to have" a demo - oh, please teach me how to heat emboss... it was all over from there). Then, just a few weeks ago my coworker said, "hey, do you want to take this beginner's knitting class in Marblehead with me?" Sure - why not?

So, I headed over to A Yarn Over Marblehead (which is now on Altantic Avenue) a few days before the class started, you know, just to check it out and see what I'd need for supplies. Jean, the owner took such good care of me - introducing me to the wonderful world of wool.

About 5 skeins and 2 weeks later I had this great scarf and roll bottom hat that I had made - yes, I made it!!! OH NO... now I'm hooked - next project? And the next? Of course I had to felt - Laurie has been teasing me with her oh-so-cool felted bags that were just "so easy" - yeah, right! Well... since Jean was having a sale there happened to be some cool red & yellow Manos del Uruguay - she said it would felt well... and my first Sophie was born!

And when it came out of the washer (yes, it was terrifying!) Oliver just had to check it out:

Now it's time to get some ink on my fingers - gotta make some sample Thank You cards. We'll see how that goes... I have been knitting so much lately that I hope I can remember how to stamp!

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